you need
  • - the documents of ownership of the house and land;
  • - cadastral passport section.
Before announcing the sale of the house, consider such proposals.We need to know the approximate cost of property, not to be mistaken with the price.
Check the necessary documents - certificates of ownership of the house and land and cadastral plan of the land.Without it will be difficult to sell a house.A receipt of these securities takes four to six months.
Spring - the best time to sell a country house.At this time, housing prices in the area grow by 5-10 per cent.
advertise the sale of the house on the Internet.You can do this by registering for free portals advertising the real estate transaction.Account activation procedure is simple a
nd will not take much time.
In the announcement, specify area of ​​the house, the availability of communications (electricity, gas, water), Distance from the city.Highlight a competitive advantage - the availability of infrastructure, all-weather access, the proximity of a forest or lake.Do not forget to indicate the distance to public transport.Describe the internal condition of the house, how long was made repair, if there is furniture and household appliances.
Attach photos to message the best.Imagine the house inside and out.Ads with images viewed more often than those without pictures.
Give ads in print media.In the regions are still popular like newspapers and magazines.Some of them post messages for free, others charge money for it.For details, check with the manager on sale of advertising space interest publications.
Tell friends that are selling the house.Some of them may be interested in the proposal.
Selling a vacation home, think carefully.Cheaper sure your property will not, in 5-10 years the profit from the sale of the house will be much more.