Tip 1: How to buy land in Ufa

City Ufa today are actively growing and developing.On its territory are built large new industrial facilities and residential complexes.As a rule, all that precedes the process of acquisition of ownership of land.
Get cadastral passport to the Bureau of Technical Inventory (office locations are available here http://www.vsebti.ru/).If you purchase land for individual housing construction (individual housing), prepare a document confirming the right to release to you the site.It can be an agreement on the right of perpetual use of the land, the act on lifelong inheritance of land, building, or an agreement on the allocation of land.One of these documents and cadastral passport entitle undergo a simplified procedure for obtaining land ownership.
Provide the administration of Ufa (pr.Oktyabrya, 120) a declaration of intention to acquire ownership.Attach the cadastral passport and a document confirming the right to use the land, Bashkortostan and passport copies of all documents.Th
e application is considered no more than 1 month.Following the positive decision you will need to redeem the land by paying its cost, which is calculated on the basis of the cadastral value.Price section taken in the use of between 1.07.1990.On 31.10.2001g., Is set at 2.5% of the cadastral value of the land.In other cases, the cost is 17 times the cost of land tax (cadastral value of land tax rate * of 0.05%).
In case of registration of the ownership of land for non-residential buildings (garages, warehouses, etc.) to clarify the origin of this structure to determine what authority you need to apply.If the property was built by the owner, it should be treated in the administration of Ufa.The privatization of the buildings gives you a reason to apply to the Ministry of Property and Land Affairs (str. Cjurupy, 13).For individual entrepreneurs and legal entities the cost of land is 2.5% of the cadastral value.For individuals, the land tax rate set by the City Council in considering applications for land ownership.

Tip 2: How to get the land in Moscow

Get land in Moscow the property of individuals now impossible.The best that the Moscow authorities agree - is the redemption of rented summer cottages or land under the buildings already owned.
How to get the land in Moscow
If the plot of land on which is your cottage, in accordance with the general plan of construction does not fall in the number of sites at which it is possible the construction of buildings and infrastructure devices, theyou can buy it from the Government of Moscow.
If you plan to build on the site you liked residential, public or commercial building, you must create a free-form application and send it to the Government of Moscow.The application must include: - the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland required;
- Purpose of the area;
- amount of investment;
- the appointment of the future building;
- planned volume of construction.
At the conclusion of the contract you are required certain documents, namely: - a charter and founding documents of your organization;
- Certificate of Incorporation;
- Codes statistics
- the certificate of registration with the tax authorities;
- a copy of the last balance sheet of your organization (certified by the tax authorities).
If you want to get land for construction and garden land, then you will have to contact your local council or in the countryside, or the administration of the district of the Moscow region, where you want to land .
To do this, you first need to find out if your family is in need of housing in terms of the rules adopted in Moscow (18 square meters per person).In addition, your family can apply to one of the following categories of beneficiaries: - Family Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia, as well as war veterans;
- many children semi.Eti categories of citizens are entitled to receive an extraordinary land for the construction or maintenance of subsistence farming.
Then write an application addressed to the head of the district council or the head of the village administration for you to land.