How to choose

makes no sense to look at a map - much more clearly be a three-dimensional picture that will show you over the Internet GoogleEarth, or Google ¬ęPlanet Earth" - a free mapping service, which are the basis of high resolution satellite images.Use it to choose the place, nature and the landscape that you like.Easy to navigate - the territory of the north edge flowing from east to west of the river Kuban lowland temperate continental climate, the regions, the area to the south - is mountainous, with the central ridge Markhotsky first, then the Greater Caucasus, is a coastal
resort area.

course, the cost of the house, located on the coast, it may be too large, but in the villages located over the central ridge of the mountain range the prices are quite reasonable.In the settings you choose a combination of service, "the satellite and map" so that you can see the names of settlements - villages and towns.

How to buy real estate in the south of

Once selected liked the village, look ads homes in the village, using a search engine installed on your computer browser.You can contact the seller via the Internet or through an agency on which site you found you are interested in an offer.Purchases you can make, arrived in person at the point of sale or remotely by issuing a notary power of attorney to represent your interests.This document can be issued to an employee of the agency that will conduct the transaction or of any other person known to you.

needed to buy real estate in the Krasnodar Territory documents are: passport, and if you are married, your spouse's notarized permission to purchase real estate.

legal basis of the transaction is the standard purchase and sale agreement drawn up in writing.If you arrange a deal on their own, samples of such agreements can be found on the Internet.When you as a buyer will be employee agency, form of contract and the rules of its completion it will be well known.The deal will be valid only after will be registered with the territorial body Rosreestra, at its completion you get your hands on documents proving your ownership of real estate.