registration of ownership of an apartment on the basis of the contract - the sale.In order to register an apartment should be available some pretty important documents:

  1. statement confirming state registration or right to move.

  2. Certificate of state registration of ownership and a photocopy of the document.

  3. document stating the basis of occurrence of ownership and a photocopy of the document.Generally, the base specified in the certificate of ownership.

  4. cadastral passport to the apartment, which is on sale.Take the BTI floor plan and explication.Most importantly, there were photocopies of these documents.

  5. purchase contract - the sale, consisting of three original copies.After state registration one copy retained by the seller, the second copy belongs to t
    he buyer, and the third will be in the archive registration service.It is recommended to make all the pages of the contract - the sale of apartments.At the same time on the last page to be glued to a small piece of paper on which to make an inscription - "Only numbered and stitched three-page contract."It is desirable to enumerate all the pages and put down the signature and the buyer and seller.

  6. Extract from the house and a photocopy of the document.

  7. Copy of the financial account, and the original document.

  8. passport and a photocopy of the passport.

  9. Receipt of payment of state fees.

If a person gets an apartment, a trustee, it must submit the original power of attorney or a notarized power of attorney with a photocopy of the passport of the future owner, as well as its own copy of the passport.

To register an apartment, all necessary documents should be provided to Companies House.Undoubtedly, it is better to enter into a contract with an experienced lawyer who at any time will help you advice.Then, should obtain a receipt for the documents for state registration.And a month later, most likely you will be given a certificate of ownership of the apartment.