What apartments can be converted to non-residential fund

To begin, you must make sure that the apartment you are going to sell an office meets the requirements that establishes the Housing Code of the Russian Federation to the non-residential premises in apartment buildings.According to Article 22 of the LC RF, transfer of residential premises in non-residential, is possible if:

- it is possible to equip this apartment there is a separate entrance or access to it is not in the common areas, ienot through the entrance;
- translated dwelling is not part of other premises, iethe whole apartment is fully displayed;
- in the living quarters do not live permanently registered citizens, ie,this address shou
ld not be permanent residents with the registration;
- directly below the apartment no residential;
- the apartment is not a burden - is not under arrest or pledged to the bank, it is not imposed servitude, etc. If the land around the house is framed in a joint property residents, you will also need approval of the general meeting on arrangement of a separate entrance or the front office of the group in the future.

What documents are required for the transfer of apartments in uninhabited fund

before selling the apartment as an office corresponding to the above requirements, you will need to execute the necessary documents and obtain permission for her transfer to non-residential fund.To do this, you need to prepare:

- documents proving your right to ownership of the premises, the originals or certified copies;
- application for a transfer to non-residential fund;
- scheme with floor plan of the house where the apartment is located;
- technical passport dwelling, issued not later than 3 years prior to the current date;
- project redevelopment or reconstruction of apartments, designing organization with the appropriate certification, designed and approved by the consent of all the (fire inspection, SES, etc..). in non-residential fund can translate only a dwelling which is owned.Housing, which is home for the social contract of employment, to bring in non-residential fund can not.

Documents must be submitted to the municipal multipurpose center or service of "one window".The term of your application and prepare an answer is 45 days.For an answer you do not need to go - it will be sent to the address that you specify in a statement.But experienced realtors say that the process of translating quite a hassle and takes a lot of time.It is easier to sell an apartment as a living, he was engaged to the buyer of its transfer to non-residential fund.