To find a reliable builder, check the site for buildings coordinates the companies that build houses in the areas of your interest.Choose those who are the longest running in the market, who have handed over a large number of buildings, who builds not in one place, and in a few districts.
visit the company website, read their history.Look, whether in their "black list" of developers.This document was prepared by the Government of Moscow on the basis of complaints of residents of the capital and commercial organizations.
Go to the office of the company that caused your trust.Check out the statutory documents, registration certificates, building
permits and work on connecting the house to the central communications.All documents must be available, and their action should not end before the date on which the developer is fully guaranteed to pass the house.If everything is in order, a contract for the purchase of flats under construction or document on equity participation.
apartment house to be demolished is not easy to find.They were in Moscow there are not many.But the cost per square meter is much lower there.Prozondiruyte free classifieds.It was there that the maximum number of messages posted on the sale of property.
When find yourself suitable accommodation could not contact the real estate agencies.They own huge database of apartments for sale.And there is the probability of finding an option.But service agents will have to pay.Usually it is three - five per cent of the total cost of housing.