greatest demand in Novosibirsk are one-bedroom apartments.Rental price ranges from ten to twenty-three thousand rubles a month.It all depends on where the room is located, as well as make repairs if there is, whether there are appliances, etc.The most expensive apartments - in the city center and near the subway.
To rent an apartment in Novosibirsk, have a look at one of the sites of real estate, working with the region.It,, can find ads from both agencies and from private owners.
Select several announcements about renting apartments in the areas of your interest.Call the above number and make an appointment.You can see all the options in one day, if the apartment
s are located next to each other.
If you rent an apartment through an agency, remember that you will need to pay for the services of realtors.They range from fifty to one hundred percent of the cost of the monthly rate.In order not to run into cheaters, enclose with the agency agreement, which will specify the conditions of cooperation.Also, it is useful to check the certificate of registration of the enterprise and the presence of his right to engage in real estate transactions.
If you rent an apartment from the owner, asked to produce a certificate of ownership, a passport and a certificate from the dispensation of the composition of tenants.Per square meter can be set and the people who have the right to lay claim to part of the apartment.Also, ask to see a receipt for payment of utility bills for the last year.