few years ago, the local authorities of the island have made some changes in the laws on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in the Bali .It was officially allowed to buy apartments, homes and other real estate, so that the influx of people interested in investing in the island's economy, rose.There was a real opportunity to build your business in a country that is a very attractive destination for wealthy tourists.
The most common way to purchase a property in the property is to attract local residents to complete the transaction.This scheme has been used for many years and proved its worth as the years of use, it b
rought almost to perfection.
In fact, it looks like this.You should choose you are interested in land or a house, and then your agent (local resident) buys the land or a house from the current owner.After that, you conclude three agreements with the person who has got to have a plot of land or a house.
These agreements include: the loan agreement stating that you are a foreigner entrusted their funds to purchase real estate;power of attorney to carry out transactions with the purchase of real estate;agreement that a foreign citizen has received real estate in the long-term use.
But someone can not make a fact that in transactions involving large sums of money to a third party.To avoid fraud, you can contact one of the specialized companies, which is a contract (usually 30 years).Most owners of hotels built on the island with foreign capital, it used a form of the agreement.
There is another option for the purchase of properties in Bali foreign nationals.If a foreigner has a work visa form KITAS, he has the right to enter into the lease, which implies a 25-year ownership of real estate.After this period the contract may be renewed again for up to 100 years.
When choosing this form of ownership is a direct lease between the owner of the property to local and foreigner, the latter must reside permanently in Indonesia or be on the island for some time.
to officially become the owner of the land, the foreign national must enter into a contract for the right to use the land.Such an agreement will be entered into the land certificate and the Land Register.By law, a foreigner can own only one home on a rental basis for a long term.