you need
  • - ads in the media;
  • - advertisements on the stands of the city;
  • - advertising banners;
  • - a contract with a real estate agency.
If you contact the real estate agency, sign a contract for the provision of services, which provide that the calculation will be made with the facilitator after the sale and agree on a percentage fee or fixed sum.
If you plan to sell your own log cabin, contact the media.Give an advertisement in local newspapers and on local television with an indication that the price of the sold log contract.Also specify the size log , the material from which it is made and the method of manufacture.For example, if the frame is made in the leg, in the ad indicate
"For Sale frame size 8x10 pine, chopped paw, price, handling 18 to 23 hours every day of the week."You can write what you need to.
will place your ad in the newspaper, it will sound on the television will be advertised and the broad mass of the population, which will significantly speed up the sale.In addition, an independent sales will be much more profitable than a real estate agency.You pay only for advertising.
addition hang ads on billboards of the city, at bus stops, near the shops, which are located near the land obtained for construction.
If you are engaged in manufacturing log cabins on a commercial basis, in addition to advertisements in the media and on the stands buy more ad slots on the route to obtaining land for housing and place a few colorful banners advertisingyour products.
If you conduct a broad advertising and to inform about their products, your business will prosper.Offer discounts for regular customers.If you offer a quality product, then gradually the need to carry out extensive advertising will disappear, because your customers will be quite successfully advertise your products to their friends and acquaintances.