first step is to become familiar with the surrounding area.Very well, if next to a forest and a river.But it is important to find out and stop proximity to home, shop, polyclinic, kindergarten, learn, whether regular pubic transport.
You can then proceed to the inspection of the house and grounds.Of course, the presence of communications already undertaken in the house - this is a huge plus.Otherwise, ask what made only to the land, and what is planned for the near future.
Carefully inspect the house, find out what material it is constructed.The most durable brick houses are considered, and the most environmentally friendly - wood.Do not buy "shlakozalivnoy 'house, which is being
built with cement from coal.Seen from the house, check for rot on the tree.Pay particular attention to those places which are rotting in the first place - the lower crowns, a tree under the windows, and the junction of ceilings and walls.Also check the condition of the tree under the sink, in the bathroom, near the windows.
Also check the attic and underground.Check for leaks, check what is the state of rafters.If the attic you can find the logs, which are converted into dust, it is a direct threat to your life.From such a purchase should be abandoned.
When viewed subfloor note the presence of mold.Check the depth of the foundation.Look how he is fitting the logs.Look closely, where there are no skewed angles.
also need to carefully inspect the chimney - it must be intact, with no cracks.On the stove itself and there should be no chips.You can ask the seller to flood the oven and check to see if she smokes.
And most importantly - the documents.There can be a lot of nuances, beginning with the fact that the documents in the house in order, but the land is not owned by the owner.Such houses are better bypass away.