you need
  • - Application form;
  • - passport;
  • - a package of documents for registration of the mortgage.
Mortgage favorably with other types of lending.The bank offers lower interest rates, loan funds are granted for a long time.To get a mortgage, it is necessary to apply to the selected banking organization, fill in an application form, to meet the Clerk of loans and in detail to find out what documents are required to obtain a mortgage.
standard requirements of banks to the borrower: you must be over 65 years old at the time of full repayment of this loan.Some banks, such as Sberbank, issued mortgage customers, which at the time of full repayment of the entire amount of the debt will be executed no more than 75 years.
clients in military age, be required to provide a certificate from the recruiting office, confirming that they are not taken into the army.
In addition, you need a regular passport or other identity document, marriage certificate or divorce certificate of family composition, a certificate confirming registration, income statement form 2-PIT, and certificate of employmentconfirming your experience.If you get a portion of the proceeds in an envelope, the bank may make concessions and ask you for the income statement in the form of a credit institution which, in principle, not an official document, but the bank is taken into consideration.
As additional documents may be required to present a certificate from a psychiatrist and a psychiatrist.If your income is insufficient for a mortgage, you may be asked to have two solvent guarantors or collateral available to draw valuable property.
interest rate on granted loans will depend not only on the rate offered by the bank, but also on what the initial payment for the purchased property you make.The greater the contribution, the lower the interest rate.
check your documents for compliance, after which the bank will make a positive or negative decision.