you need
  • - passports and the principal trustee
  • - documents in the apartment
Define range of actions that you intend to assign to the trustee.For sale apartments may be required, in addition to the transaction, make some "technical" measures.For example, ask for an extract from the house register or update a registration certificate at the BTI.The commission of any action can also
be associated in this case to entrust another person.
Refer to the notary with the trustee for the preparation and registration of power of attorney .Produce documents proving identity.In order to avoid possible complications in the future to select not attorney general shape and specific.
in this form in writing directly specify all powers that you assign your proxy.Each action should be called, including receiving cash payments from the buyer to the transaction or preliminary down payment.
sure to mention in the proxy right alienation apartment organ FRS.Writing a general power of attorney , of course, get rid of such painstaking listing of each item.However, this will put you in a vulnerable position if your trustee will dishonest man.
Enter document full name and passport details of the trustee.Specify the validity of the power of attorney .After drawing up the document in the presence of a notary sign the power of attorney.The notary shall make an appropriate entry in its register for the extradition proxy for a specified period.
Hand officially certified power of attorney to his representative.Also give him all your documents in the apartment sold .Now sell apartment possible without your personal involvement on proxy .