selling existing property.If you already have an apartment, it can be sold, received, therefore, if not the whole amount for new housing, it is a significant part of it.Many construction companies are offering to their customers a service of redemption of old apartments in the new standings.In this case, you do not even need to worry about the timing of the sale - you just draw up the documents, and will enter into a new apartment, leaving the old construction company.If you sell an apartment to another owner, some construction companies are willing to wait for the entire amount sold the apartment at the time until docum
ents are issued and the transfer of money for the old.
To purchase real estate for sale will suit not only apartments but also any other property.In the case can go to the garage, which is a long time do not use, cottage or even a car.The main thing - to prioritize what is more important: to live in the apartment with his parents, to pay huge money for rent or to do without some other real estate and property, but to be with the housing and no mortgage.It is likely that the value of this property to have to save an additional amount for an apartment, but will not have to go into debt to the bank.
exchange one apartment to another.This method is suitable for most secondary housing fund.To make the exchange to find you want to change apartments.Equivalent exchange, ie exchange for the same apartment, as you have no extra cost, is performed, most likely because of the desire to change the area of ​​residence.
unequal exchange - this is when you move into an apartment with a greater or lesser area, there is a surcharge.Typically, the amount of surcharges collected by the owners in advance, as it must be passed at the time of the signing of all documents.But it is not as great as the whole apartment, so it is better not to issue a mortgage, and gradually set aside.
installments.When buying a new installment of housing - a more profitable way of buying property, than the mortgage.However, the installment is given for a shorter period and requires the owners of the original investment amount greater than when the mortgage.Installment - is a good way for those who have a significant, but incomplete amount to the apartment, which is the future owner of property may pay till the end for a few years.
Installment in most construction companies is interest-free - that's what makes it advantageous compared to the mortgage.The term installment can range from 1 to 8 years, since the grant installments until the construction of housing and only in rare cases - up to several years after the construction of the house.The downside of installments will be a big down payment and higher monthly payments, as the remaining amount needed to cover in a short period of time.