interest in real estate prices show how realtors whose income is directly dependent on them, and ordinary citizens who want to sell more expensive or cheaper to buy it.One important factor that directly determines the cost of square meters of housing, in general, is the target rate on loans provided by banks to individuals to purchase housing.This is due to the fact that currently about 85% of real estate is purchased on credit, because those savings that has srednestaticheskogo family in Russia for the purchase of an apartment or house is not enough.Therefore, the lower the interest rate on mortgage loans or target, the higher the solvency of the population and property prices, and vice versa.
But the price of real estate will depend in each case has a nu
mber of factors.For example, buying or selling a house through a third party - intermediaries, in the first case, you will encounter rising costs, while the second - to reduce the cost of the transaction.This standard percentage that you ask a realtor - 10%, but in some cases, the services of the mediator can do, and more.
matters and the location of the property, not only within the country but also within the village.As a general rule, apartments and houses located in the center of the city, characterized by well-developed infrastructure, will cost much more expensive than those that are on the outskirts.In addition, real estate in major cities, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the Black Sea, too, the price will be higher than in other regions of the country.
Apartments in houses standing close to each other, can also be different, depending on the quality of housing and the technical characteristics of these buildings.If the house is new and apartments in it with improved design, cost per square meter of such housing would be 20-30% higher than in a typical house of the old buildings.But housing in the so-called "Stalinka" can do when buying even more expensive than a new building.
Dependent property prices and the time of year, though in recent years the seasonal factor does not cause too much hesitation.But as a rule, demand increases by early spring and fall to the beginning of summer, when the holiday season begins.The next peak in demand occurs at the end of summer - early fall and fall to winter.In addition, property values ​​may affect and random factors: currency fluctuations, natural disasters, opening or closing of large enterprises in the area.