first option Quick search - search among friends and acquaintances.The main advantage of this type of research - is the minimum cost of the search itself suitable accommodation, as well as confidence in people, concludes the deal.However, not uncommon cases where abuse of trust and familiar.On the downside can be attributed to the absence of the majority of people with a wide range of acquaintances sellers of apartments.
second option - is an independent search.Buy a newspaper advertisement, look through a database search the internet, check out the suggestions.Great coverage of the proposals and the savings of material resources - a definite plus.But in this case, there is a good chance of running into a swindler.Also, this search method requires an enormous amount of wasted time.
To achieve the goal, that is, for the rapid acquisition of housing, you can also contact the real estate agency.Almost all major cities, there are such agencies.These companies are helping to save time and give confidence in the selection.Apartment search will start immediately after the call to the company.The agency will select for you a variety of options that best suit your requirements.The next step will be the conclusion of a preliminary agreement with the seller.After the agreement the agency will conduct several tests to make sure the "purity" of the apartment.Do not neglect this procedure.Once the company determines that there is no risk, there comes the time of the transaction.To buy a property, you must enter into a contract of sale.Now you just have to take an apartment from the former owner.
course, cheaper to find an apartment through friends, but experts advise to entrust the choice of a professional real estate agencies.This will help you to reduce the term of the deal and resigned to participate in tedious negotiations.