Purchase a newspaper advertisement for the sale of such premises and select the appropriate option.Telephoned them to visit and negotiate with the owners of the conditions of sale.Look at what distance from excellent facilities, shops, from the road.You may be able to negotiate a discount with the seller or the conditions of payment by installments.
attracted finding friends, colleagues, relatives and friends.LAYOUT ads in the district and publish a free newspaper in the similar.Thus, you will be able to choose from the options.Negotiate with the seller better after inspection of the premises.Pay attention to the documents, they all have the owner, whether legalized redevelopment, if any, and whether there is the necessary communications.The owner of the premises
must hold a contract with the fire service, sanitary and epidemiological stations and other departments.
Once you have decided with a choice, you should prepare a number of documents, which include the receipt of state duty for registration dogovora- sale, all the documents confirming the right of the seller to room , FAQthe lack of municipal debt, the buyer and seller passport, power of attorney, if your interests are represented by another person, as well as the sale and purchase agreement, drawn up in triplicate, previously notarized.All of this must be attributed to Companies House within 10 days, a decision is made and you handed out a certificate of ownership of non-residential premises .
Carefully read all the clauses.Pay attention to the time of transfer of funds.You can do this with cash and cashless payments.Negotiate with the seller about the methods of calculation to the date of registration.You can write a receipt.
On receipt of a document of title, you get the status of the new owner of the premises and can use it for other purposes.