you need
  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - tax return;
  • - an income statement;
  • - documents on housing;
  • - payment documents confirming the payment for the purchase.
to exercise its right to receive the property deduction for the purchase of housing, please contact the tax office.Fill out the application form and tax return forms PIT-3, present a passport and an income statement form 2-PIT.
You will also need to present all documents for purchased housing.It will take a certificate of ownership, a contract of sale.If you bought a house on credit, produce a certificate from the bank and the contract mortgage or consumer credit.
to confirm payment for the acquired housing show your copy of the payment documents, bank checks.If you bought a house from a private individual and transferred money from hand to hand, require Seller's receipt of the receipt of cash.
property deduction is provided by a transfer to your account.For this form of deduction you must apply no earlier than 12 months after purchase.The second option of a deduction - the exemption from payment of income tax as long as does not reach the amount owed to you.For such kind of deduction you can access immediately after the acquisition of property.If you get a deduction by transfer to your account, show the account number of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation.Tax Inspectorate works only with accounts of the Savings Bank.
By law you are entitled to receive 13% of the cost of housing, but not more than 260 thousand.If your buying a house is much more expensive, then you will get a deduction of only two million rubles.
If you make the ownership of a few people, you get a deduction only on the amount of equivalent value of your shares.For example, the living space is decorated in the property of two people, each owner has the right to net and get 130 thousand rubles.
deduction is available only if you have listed the full amount, which are applying for, as taxes.