you need
  • -pasport;
  • -zayavlenie;
  • -zapolnenie tax return;
  • -spravka salary 2-PIT;
  • -Certificate of the property;
  • -dogovor sale;
  • -akt reception and transmission;
  • document confirming the payment;
  • -raschetny account for the transfer of the tax deduction.
The wording of article number 220 of the Tax Code n. 2 and n. 3 property tax deduction can be obtained in two ways - a return bank transfer to the bank account of the recipient or to reduce the current inco
me tax,until there is a laid amount of property and deduction .
To get deduction for an apartment, please contact the tax office, write a statement and fill out a tax return.If a tax deduction decided to get a reduction in the tax base is calculated, the documents can be submitted immediately after the registration apartments in the property.When deciding to get a deduction by transfer to a bank account, you need to apply not earlier than one year after the registration apartments in the property.In all cases, the tax deduction th should contact not later than three years from the date of purchase.
If the apartment is decorated in the general share property between taxpayers, then get may deduct all the owners in accordance with its share, but not more than 2 000 000. Separated at all.For example, if the apartment is decorated in the common ownership between spouses, anyone can get 130 000 rub., But only if they had been paid earlier as income tax.
to the application and the tax return must be applied: a certificate of salary 2-PIT, a copy of the certificate of ownership, a copy of the contract of sale, a copy of the reception and transmission of documents on the amount paid.If the apartment was bought by private individuals, the documents can serve as the amount indicated in the sales contract, the seller of the receipt the amount received for the apartment.If the apartment was bought on credit, the bank will require a copy of the loan agreement or mortgage.