Decide, where you want to buy a house or apartment.It is desirable that the area was located in an ecologically safe area, but it has good infrastructure.Learn in advance about the purity of the air at the selected location, proximity to transport interchanges, the availability of good roads, there is in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčkindergarten, school, clinic, shops.
Contact the real estate agency.Businesses will be able to help in the selection of options, but each of them should be checked personally.
When choosing an apartment please note the age of the house and the date of the last overhaul.This does not mean that the dwelling was built later, is bound to be of better quality.Soviet panel house can give way to modern in layout and in the price, but be more rel
iable and durable.Inspect the inside of the apartment, including the state of its vote of walls, ceiling, floor, heating system.An important indicator of decay can be and look the balcony - if it is damaged, and even showered bottom, hence the condition of the entire structure may be desired.
When buying a private home or cottage, refer to the master-builder that will help you to assess not only the quality of the walls and roof, and sewage and other support systems, the repair of which costs a decent amount.
Find out who will be your neighbors.Talk to some of them, ask if there are any nearby apartments living there alcoholics, drug addicts or just fans of noisy parties.Unpleasant neighborhood can greatly spoil your life in a new apartment.
Rate apartment in terms of safety and legal purity of the transaction.By the time of the purchase of all of its older residents must be removed from the register, as well as in the local magistrates' court should not be any cases or challenging statements about previous transactions with the housing .