an independent evaluation apartments experts.If you want to know the cost apartments to take out a bank loan - it is a prerequisite.Is assessing the specific firm.Their addresses and telephone numbers can be found on the Internet, real estate agencies, the telephone directory.Banks have a list of appraisers.After the assessment you will receive the corresponding document.
Show apartment realtors.They will mark the most probable (market) price, which will develop in the sale or purchase of an apartment in a competitive market.If you wish to ask you to make a selection of similar proposals.
Watch newspaper.Explore sites on the Internet.Find a "corridor" of prices for apartments in your area.Pay particular attention to apartments in houses built at about the same year and from the same material as that of yours, and similar apartment sizes and layouts.An important indicator is the floor and number of storeys of the house.First and last floor (if this is not the penthouse) are usually not so popular, as medium.
find online services that are engaged in property assessment (mainly in Moscow) online.Cost apartments will be determined on the basic parameters affecting its price (district, area, etc.)