Moscow realtors are monitoring changes in the average price per square meter of floor space due to their professional needs.So they occasionally spread to the shared spreadsheets containing such information for each area of ​​the capital.If you are going to buy a studio apartment, its approximate value, knowing the location of the area and the total yardage, you can count on this table.
Determine how much it costs one-room apartment in Moscow, more accurately, it is necessary, given the number of additional factors.It is important not only in some areas, but also in one house, it will be located.Apartments in new buildings are more expensive than housi
ng in the secondary market.Exceptions are found in good condition, one-bedroom apartments in homes Stalinist buildings.They are equal to the cost of their elite housing.
main factors affecting the cost, as are the area, the location and condition of property.On the market one-bedroom apartments are very different areas and degrees of comfort: the usual "odnushki" in "Khrushchev", studio apartments, apartments with improved design and spacious living areas - the result of institutionalized redevelopment or combining two or even three rooms.The apartment is located in any of the central areas, of course, cost more than equivalent apartment on the outskirts.Naturally, the apartment in good condition, even if it is not in the building, but has been recently renovated, the cost will be higher than housing in need of major repairs.
With this in mind, determine the value of one-room apartment in Moscow, you can based on the average price.For example, in the capital of the Central Autonomous District 1 square meter of housing costs 305 500 rubles, which is traditionally the most expensive area of ​​the city.The Khamovniki District housing cost 414 600 rubles on Arbat Street - 428 700 rubles, more than 250 thousand per square meter apartment cost in Tagansky, Basmanny, the Meshchansky District, Ramenki and now serving.
to relatively cheap include areas such as Solntsevo, Biryulyovo-East, Novo-Peredelkino, Kosino Ukhtomsky, Vnukovo, Veshnyaki, Dmitrov, Brateevo, Biryulyovo-West, Kryukovo, Nekrasovka, North, Eastand Molzhaninovsky.In these areas, the average price per square meter is less than 150 thousand rubles.East and South-East autonomous regions - the most affordable prices within the Ring Road.