There are many scams, scammers are successfully used in real estate transactions.One of the easiest and virtually unpunished is the sale of property at an inflated price.From swindler in this case requires only the ability to convince the buyer that the proposed apartment is requested for her money.Having laid out the money, the new owner only later realizes that its purchase is not worth the amount to him.

There is another subtlety: when buying in such a situation often appears less than the amount actually paid.As a rule, specify a smaller amount the seller offers, explaining that those or other reasons.By agreeing to trick swindler, the buyer is deprived of any possibility to return the overpaid money, as the p
rice of the contract is consistent with the market and prove that the overpayment is almost impossible.

In another design, very similar to the previous one, the speculator sells an apartment at a realistic price, but at the cost of the contract indicates incomplete.After this wheeler-dealer sues termination of the contract, the reason can be anything.In the end, he returned to the apartment, and the buyer gets deceived by the amount specified in the contract - that is much less than that which he actually paid.

In another common scheme speculator sells an apartment, gets the money.But after refusing to leave a house, do not write out, explaining various reasons - for example, the fact that the money was stolen from him and now he is left without a roof over his head with small children.The court in this case would leave him an apartment and to repay the debt would force him to give 30% of salary.Official salary wheeler-dealer can be very low, so neither of which the actual payment of the debt does not have to talk.

popular scheme of fraud is the simultaneous sale of housing several new owners.Seller collects money from buyers and disappeared, leaving them to find out who is now the owner of the apartment.As a rule, it is the one who first registers the purchase in the BTI.

There is a fraud scheme in which accommodation is offered at clearly lower price.Typically, in this case, the apartment is a "problem" - that is, is pledged, it claimed other people, etc.Covet the cheapness, the buyer can lose money and do not get housing.

machinations of the Moscow housing market and some of the officials involved.In particular, the bulk of the scams happening with apartments, the released single after the death of Muscovites.This living space should be passed over to the city and transferred to a waiting list, but some officials are sophisticated ways to output vacate the apartment from the municipal property.For example, apartment for long-term lease with option to purchase, at the same price is set very low with payment by installments for decades.There are other schemes in their intricacies are currently dealt with law enforcement agencies.