Check out the legal framework with regards to your kind estate .Residential apartment, non-residential premises, plots with different earmarked processed differently.On what documents you need, also affects who you are purchasing the property (from the state or a private individual) when the property was obtained by the previous owner, and which laws and regulations have acted at that time.
If possible, get a professional to gather documents
and represent your interests in the transaction.Most of the more or less large real estate transactions concluded by a lawyer, realtor.The specialist is needed not only in order to find a suitable object for you, but also to collect required for registration of transfer of ownership documents, as well as to control the transfer of money for the due diligence of the seller.
Take a future seller copies of all documents available at the property.Pay particular attention to the certificate of ownership and proof of ownership (sales contract, deed of gift, a certificate of inheritance, etc.) - it is a universal list of documents.
Discuss with your contractor all the details of the transaction.If you want to conclude a preliminary agreement, which will include the basic parameters of the proposed purchase (Art. 429 of the Civil Code).As a rule, such an agreement requires advance payment or deposit.
Check the list of required documents and registration features of the transaction at the local branch of the Federal Registration Service (FRS).Basic laws estate valid throughout the country, but the practice shows that all have their own characteristics.So, if you register the deal on their own, it is better to pay a visit to the local office of the FRS in advance and specify all the details.