you need
  • Application for purchase of land
For starters write a statement of acquisition of rights to a land plot and submit it to the local authority.The statement must specify the intended use area, its size and location.The application must be attached cadastral passport.Not later than one month representatives of the local authorities decide, prepare the necessary sales contract and send it to you.This document as well as the transfer act is the basis for the state registration of the property.
possible that will have to make changes in the surveying instruments.This is due to the fact that the border area can be determined incorrectly and it is an object of the road network.
for land acquisition
is necessary that it was designed as an object and is included in the state cadastre of real estate.If the account has not been implemented, the local authorities within a month must approve and issue a layout area on the cadastral plan.For this design, you also need to apply.And while you yourself will have to pay for the performance of all cadastral and surveying.
Once in your hands was a contract of sale, you should contact the Department of Management Rosreestra a statement that site should go into your property.
attach to the application the following documents: a contract of sale, the decision of the local government to provide land in duplicate;paper on pricing for the land plot - 2 copies;receipt confirming payment of the land - the original and a copy;Receipt of state registration of property rights.
State registration of the land plot is carried out within twenty working days.