Signs of fraud

The first thing you should pay attention - the cost of the apartment.It is necessary to compare the price of vending real estate with an average cost of square meters of similar options in the same area.If the price of the apartment at least 20% lower than the market, it makes sense to think about.Clearly underestimated the price may indicate the desire to sell quickly Housing problematic.Very often unscrupulous sellers of low cost justifies the need for a quick sale due to relocation, lack of funds for treatment and so on. Faced with t
his situation better remember the saying about free cheese in a mousetrap and a few times to double-check everything.

Another indicator - the number of sales of the apartments.Taking Rosreestra or extract from the house register, you can learn in detail about how much time dwelling passed from hand to hand.The frequent change of owners in a short period of time - a clear sign of fraud.The judgment on the protection of bona fide purchaser - is erroneous.If ever the apartment was taken away from the rightful owner dishonestly (forgery, threats, deception, incapacitation, etc..), The buyer of this apartment will never be recognized as a conscientious, even if the property is resold to it dozens of times.

very cautious attitude should be to conclude transactions on the general power of attorney, without the direct involvement of the owner.Check the validity of such a document is not enough.Even if he is decorated perfectly legal, no one can guarantee that the principal, for example, is still alive and the buyer does not have to share an apartment with a suddenly announced heirs.

technical aspects

disturbing signal should serve as the news of a relatively large number of apartments sold at the same time in the same house.In that case, you need to take the time and learn about the history of the house, its accident rate, the presence of cracks, the state of communications, seasonal problems (flooding of basements, roof leaks, etc.).

It makes sense to compare the information available in the documents of the BTI, with the actual condition and layout of the apartment.Because if the seller does not properly legalized conducted conversion and renovation, payment of fines, and subsequent paperwork red tape will be borne by the new owner.

addition, before entering into the transaction is mandatory to check:
• identity of the seller;
• whether he is married;
• the number of registered and living in the apartment people;
• participated in the privatization of housing whether minors;
• Write out whether some of the apartments after 1995 in connection with the sentence to be served in prison (such persons may then qualify for an apartment);
• on what basis the seller has received the right to ownership of housing (especially when it comes to inheritance).