you need
  • - passport;
  • - cadastral extracts;
  • - notarial notification;
  • - contract - sale;
  • - the act of reception - transmission;
  • - documents of title to the room;
  • - notarial authorization;
  • - decision;
  • - a statement in FUGRTS;
  • - payment for registration.
Before selling room in a communal apartment notify all owners of the other rooms on their terms of sale room.To use the notification mail services in Russia.Send a registered letter with a list of attachments, and notification.In the letter to insert a notice issued in the notary's office.
If the apartments are owned, and the rest belong to the users of social contract of employment and ownership belongs to the district administration, send a written notice to the local municipality.Pre-emption rights a
re available only to the owners.Employers are not entitled to that right.
After one month, if none of the owners of the other rooms did not express any desire to purchase your home, you have every right to sell your room unauthorized person.
For registration of the sale, you will need cadastral extracts that you can get at the BTI, an extract from the personal account and the house register, notary approval for sale of all co-owners of the room.If you've got a room in a communal apartment, located in a registered marriage, get a notarized authorization for the sale of the second spouse.If your room has ownership of minors, incapable or partially capable citizens notify the guardianship authorities for the sale of property and get a resolution.
Next is normal purchase and sale.Arrange a notary or a simple written contract, write acceptance report and submit all the documents in FUGRTS for registration of title to the room in a communal apartment to your customers.