Tip 1: How to get a deduction for the purchase of apartments

If you have purchased an apartment, you can get a tax deduction for it.The deduction is available on the amount of not more than two million rubles and 13% of the amount.He returned on the condition that this amount has been calculated with you in the form of taxes.

Use the net can be a once in a lifetime, for three years from date of purchase.The maximum refund amount is 260 thousand rubles.
You need to contact the tax office and write a statement that you wish to receive a tax deduction.The return of the deduction may be made in two ways: in the form of cash and non-cash.For in cash, you need to apply a year later.The non-cash, you can contact directly.
for non-cash form.Provide the following: a certificate of ownership of the apartment, the seller of the amount of the receipt of the money, the contract of sale, a passport, a tax document.The tax office, you will be given a certificate, you will bring it to the accounting department.Tax of 13% to calculate stop until there i
s a sum of the tax deduction.
cash payments in cash.Contact the tax office within one year after purchase.Provide: a statement of the proposed sample, a certificate on the right to ownership of the apartment, a tax document, a contract of sale, a receipt from the seller of the amount received, the information about the bank account number.The tax deduction will be transferred to your bank account.

Tip 2: How to get a tax deduction for pensioners

Tax Code states that every taxpayer has the right to use tax breaks if it has grounds established by the legislation.In some cases, of the total tax base, you can recover some of the taxes paid.All income is taxed, and this applies to people who are already on pension provision, but they state provides special tax benefits.
How do I get a tax deduction for pensioners
you need
  • Visiting the tax office and provision of the necessary documents.
pensioners put special preferential deductions .Each month the tax deduction amounts to 3000 rubles, of which 13% can be returned, please contact the tax office.
In addition, the pensioner can get a tax deduction for medical treatment, which is as much as is spent in the total amount of money on their treatment or the spouse (wife).This includes the purchase of medicines, and contributions to pay for health insurance.But this amount can not exceed 50 thousand rubles in the same period.And it does not matter, whether the medical care provided in a public institution or private, the main thing - the presence of the license.
To get the discount deduction, the pensioner should contact the tax office at the place of residence, having the application for deduction and the documents that confirm the cost of treatment.
Once in a lifetime a person can take advantage of a tax deduction for the purchase or construction of housing, and if, before reaching retirement age, this possibility has not been previously, you can do it now.
Return is 13% of the amount of the deduction, but not more than 130 thousand rubles.If a house is worth less than 1 million rubles, to the total deduction can be added the cost of repair and service broker.If the current tax period deduction was not fully used, then the remainder can be transferred to the next fiscal period until it is used up completely.
During the transaction of sale and purchase of residential property takes its registration, as well as the consolidation of ownership of the housing through the registration certificate of ownership.
To get a tax deduction, the pensioner must submit to the tax office an agreement for the acquisition of property or a share in a house or apartment, as well as the act of transfer of property to the buyer, or other documents that can verify ownership.But you can only apply after the expiration of the current tax period.
in one tax period, deduction or set of deductions can not exceed 100 thousand rubles.
Helpful Hint
To get a tax deduction on the purchase of housing, not necessarily wait for registration of a certificate of ownership.It is enough to be in possession of a contract and the act of reception and transmission apartment or house.