is important to note that the apartments in new buildings are no rough and no finishing.In the first case it is the "box", which is not connected sanitary equipment for water and sewer pipes are caps, and even in an apartment is no wiring.In the second case, electric wiring, heating radiators and the like, are present, floors, walls and ceilings are aligned, i.e.owner can only perform simple repairs.As a rule, the apartments without finishing the rough cost by 15-25% cheaper than usual, and without finishing - 10-15%.Before you buy an apartment without finishing, you need to weigh the pros and cons and decide why you prefer that option.When it comes to the economic be
nefits, it is, alas, is questionable.Firstly, during the repairs you will have somewhere to live, and if you have not left yet another apartment, it would be a tenancy.This means that you will spend money and hire someone else's house, and its arrangement.It is important to understand that the repair can take a long time.Second, you have to hire professionals and their services are not cheap.Even if a lot you can do yourself, it is still part of the work will have to trust the experts.In addition, you will have to devote all their time repairing or to make out the house at the expense of work and rest.Do not forget about the cost of finishing materials, sanitary ware and so on. From an economic point of view is more profitable to buy an apartment for sale: in the end it will be cheaper than buying and design of housing without finishing.Moreover, in this case, you not only save money, but not sacrifice their own time and comfort.However, if you want to make a unique repair themselves, would be cheaper to buy a house without finishing than to rip off the wallpaper and clean floor.In addition, much depends on the quality of repair: apartments often make out so bad that the new tenant have to redo it all over again, and fix the mistakes of others are often more expensive to simple finishing.