Pros and cons of "Khrushchev»

main advantage of "Khrushchev" - the price.In today's real estate market this type of apartments more accessible, so it is always in demand.In addition, many homes well located - "Khrushchev" were built not only the outskirts, and the central regions.The house can be a cozy courtyard, a playground and even a hotel.

Among the disadvantages of such apartments can be noted a small area close to the kitchen and low ceilings.In the homes there is no elevator and garbage.Often in "Khrushchev" bad sound and heat insulation.The apartments on the upper floors are sold worse because of the danger of leakage of the roof and the angular space winter may fr

presenting an apartment in a favorable light

planning to sell the "Khrushchev" carefully weigh all the pros and cons of it.For convenience, they can be written in a notebook - so it will be easier to sound housing benefits to future customers.Consider everything - infrastructure development, views, landscaped entrance.A very important advantage - overhaul.Apartment in the house with new pipes, renovated roof and landscaped basement will be in great demand.

Note and the state of the apartment.It is not necessary to repair it before the sale - is too obvious redecorating force buyers to suspect the possibility of hidden problems - leaks, mold and other things.Take out of the rooms the extra stuff, as much as possible, get rid of old furniture.So customers will be able to better assess the plan, besides their apartment seem more spacious.Make sure that the room was fresh air.Scents of life of pets, mustiness, drugs or tobacco smoke greatly reduce the attractiveness of the apartment.

exhibitor reasonable price, putting a small margin for bargaining.Reduced prices for some, even a small amount - an important issue for many buyers.But do not lower the price is too low - it will cause to suspect a trick, and even abandon the purchase.The price of an apartment depends on many factors - the state of the premises and the entrance, location, floor, availability of infrastructure.Do not try to lay in the cost of expensive repairs, the built-in furniture, redevelop.Most buyers are not willing to overpay for these benefits.But all the improvements can be a great bonus, accelerating the purchase.

Choose the right time for the show.For example, in the summer of room windows on the west better it shows in the morning.If the windows overlook the busy highway, plan views on weekends, when fewer cars on the road and in the apartment is quiet.

apartment can be sold both through the real estate agency, and independently.In the latter case, to collect documents and conduct a transaction can help independent lawyer, whose services will cost much cheaper.Place information about the sale on specialized sites, LAYOUT ads in your area, hang a banner ad on a private balcony.And get ready for a huge number of calls and display, many of which will be "empty".Do not despair - experienced realtors say that in two or three months, you can sell any apartment - but only if properly set prices and activity of the seller.