you need
  • - documents proving ownership of the apartment;
  • - a certificate from the BTI;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - extract from the register of property rights (issued in BTI);
  • - Form №3 (taken in ZhEKe);
  • - certificate of absence seizure of the apartment and the tax ban on the transfer of property rights;
  • - the consent of all the parties to the exchange, certified by a notary.
to exchange one-bedroom apartment you will need to consult a lawyer to determine the exchange options - with or without an additional charge.You can waste your apartment by yourself or through an agency.In the first case, you will not have to pay for the services of realtors, Secon
d - you will save time.
Please note that you need to exchange to obtain the consent of all persons who have the right to ownership of housing, the implementation of this step.To do this, write a proper receipt and assured her notary.The exchange of apartments is carried out through the sale transaction.In the presence of the buyer with it is a contract for the sale of certified, again, by a notary.
Exchange of apartments is complicated, if its owners have minor children.In this case, you need to collect documents that indicate the actions to preserve their rights.That action is considered to be a contract, according to which the name of the juvenile was bought other property or money obtained from the exchange of the listed to his account in the bank.
if the exchange provides a minor child, to hold it is necessary to have the consent of one of the child's parents (or guardians).As a rule, such an agreement is taken from that of the parent with whom the child lives, while others simply put in popularity.In the absence of the consent of other members of the family and its owners to exchange it can be made mandatory through the courts.But success is unlikely, since at the time of the judgment the court should know what you want to change your apartment, that is, you need to have the consent of the owners of the other apartments on the operation.
In addition, the state of the apartment, offered for exchange must meet certain standards of hygiene, sanitation, it must be certain amenities and t. N. This is necessary to ensure that did not work, if you wantget yourself a normal apartment, and parents or other relatives to give shelter without heating, repair and so on. n. The court also takes into account the share of the co-owners of the apartment.