The address of the message, specify the name, first name of the owner of the second apartment, or the name of the legal entity, which owns half of the property.Also write the address of the owner, and it is desirable to provide a notification to all known addresses, including the location of the official registration of actual residence.Then, in the middle of the page write the title of "Notification", followed by the main text.
The main part of the notification is required to point to its own intention to implement 1/2 of the apartment, which the sender has the right of ownership.To identify the specific apartment designate her address.In addition, detailed and clearly state all terms of sale of real property that is subject to the share owner
ship regime.In particular, be sure to reflect the value of the sale of shares, other necessary conditions.
In the final part of the notification indicate that the owner has a second priority right to acquire 1/2 share of the apartment in accordance with Article 250 of the Civil Code.Also note that the decision on his own, he must notify the sender within one month from the date of receipt of the notification.Otherwise, the share can be implemented to other persons.After that date the personal signature of the sender of the letter.
Send notice of sale 1/2 apartments that should only be done by registered mail with return receipt requested, list of contents.At the same time be sure to save postal documents (receipt, the second copy of the inventory, the notice) to be subsequently prove the legality of the transaction.
After receiving the notice, testifying to familiarize the owner of the second letter, expect a response within one month, since this period is set by civil legislation for the implementation of pre-emptive rights.In the absence of a written reply of the intention to take advantage of the preferential right of purchase, as well as in the preparation of the refusal of the right to use, free to implement a share to any interested buyer.Make transactions before the expiry of one month or a negative response is not recommended, as the second owner may invalidate the court.