Case 1: You do not have to do anything to return to the apartment in the event that the buyer finds a marriage or serious problems with the apartment, which you kept it (and maybe did not know).In this case, the buyer may demand the rescission of the sale and the recognition it invalid.To do this, he may, within one year of the registration of your trade.
Case 2. The illegal sale of apartments person who has no legal rights to it.For example, you as the rightful owner of the
temporarily live there or are in another city for work, but this time one of your relatives, maybe ex-wife, sells your apartment on your behalf, without putting you to know.
To prove the new owner had illegally sold the apartment, your legal ownership assemble a list of the following documents:
- an extract from the house register;
- a copy of the financial account.
Then contact the police with allegations of unlawful acts of third parties in relation to your property.If that does not work, then go straight to court.
Case 3. Return sell an apartment because of violation of clauses of the contract the buyer (non-payment of promised funds).
you have a situation where you need to terminate the contract of sale.Refer to the customer with a written demand for the termination, stating the reason.If the buyer refuses or does not respond to you within 30 days, ignoring your request, please contact directly to the court with a claim on the cancellation of the transaction and, accordingly, annulment of the registration of ownership of a buyer for your property with compulsory eviction from his apartment.
When applying to the court, require the seizure of the apartment , challenged in the process.Otherwise, no one can interfere with the defendant enter into a new sales contract with a third party, and it will complicate your case.And, of course, you are the plaintiff will have to provide evidence to confirm the non-payment of the agreed amount for the defendant acquired apartment .