To prove that the apartment belonged to you before marriage, you will need only two documents.It is a certificate of ownership for housing and marriage certificate.If you went to sell apartments in the inheritance, it is necessary to present a document confirming this fact.
It is difficult to prove the purchase of the apartment of the second half completely on its own.It is best to consult a notary public, lawyer (preferably specializing in real estate) or a real estate agency according to each sluchaya.Skoree all the most suitable documents confirming that the money for the purchase are premarital savings (corresponding certificate from the bank, which openeddeposit), inherited or received from sale of inherited property.
With package of documents needed to apply to the notary and to assure the contract of sale, and then register it in Rosreestra and get a certificate of the right to property.
transaction between spouses does not relieve the seller from having to pay tax.In this case, the inspection can be calculated from the size of its real market value of the property, if they deem the amount of the contract low.If the dwelling is owned by the seller for three years or more, the tax deduction for the full amount of the transaction is automatically provided.If it is less, it is necessary to issue a series of papers and get a deduction of up to two million rubles.