you need
  • - purchase;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - service real estate agency.
If you're strapped for cash, be guided by the less popular places.For example, house in village 30 km from Moscow will cost much more than the same housing, located far from the big cities and big cities.
In the same village may be different for the price of the house.It depends on how long ago built the structure, the condition of the house, whether there are any amenities (gas, water) in the yard of the existing farm buildings (barn, garage, sauna, etc.) and sizeadjacent land.
If you decide in what village you want to buy a house, be sure to go there.Look at the house, talk to the locals.Rural people usually talkative urban and w
illingly tell you about where and what sells.Pay attention to the message board, or other objects that perform its role - it can be poles, fences, doors, village shop, etc.As a rule, all such information is at the center of the village - close to the local club, shop, hospital.
When choosing a home, always pay attention to the condition of the road and power lines.If the road is unpaved, you are guaranteed to thaw problems with travel to the house.The old network of power promises adages.If you are not afraid, be sure to specify the owner sold the house for these shortcomings and offer reduce the price.The reason for the lower prices can also be a distance from the center of the village.
Make and place in crowded places Village your ad about wanting to buy a house.Specify within what amount you are willing to make a purchase.Check whether you need any amenities, and other farm building.
similar ads and let the pages of Internet resources devoted to the sale of real estate.In addition, set in the search options you need and look for the desired properties in the "For Sale".
Advertise about wanting to buy a cheap house in the village in the local newspaper of the place where you want to make a purchase, or in a real estate agency, located in the village near town.