you need
  • Valid passport;
  • Schengen visa;
  • Two photos 3x4;
  • open an account in any bank in Spain.
Property in Spain very attractive for citizens of all countries and as a great place for an annual vacation, and how profitable investment.But depending on the objectives pursued by the purchase real estate in Spain , you will need to find a suitable area to stay.Spain can be conditionally divided into three ascending attractiveness of real estate.First - it is Catalonia (Costa Brava), where you can find affordable accommodation close to the sea.Buying a property in Catalonia is best viewed in if you plan to come here too often and sp
end a vacation here.Second - Valencia (Costa Blanca), where you can find more luxury housing for permanent residence.And most prestigious district Spain for the acquisition of real estate - is Malaga (Costa del Sol).If you are planning to buy property for permanent residence, this area is much more suitable.
So, you have chosen a suitable area for living, should now be determined directly from the acquired housing.After a suitable home is found, it should enter into a contract of intent and a prepayment in the amount of 5 - 10% of the cost of housing.This allows you to be sure that the property become the property for you and realtors will be removed from the house sale.If suddenly, for whatever reason, the deal falls through your fault, then you lose the money.If the transaction does not take place through the fault of the agent, you will get back the amount twice the size of the payment.
Next, you will need to obtain N.I.E.(foreigner identification number).To do this, go to the nearest police station with your passport and two photos 3x4.Making this document takes from two weeks to a month, but the identification number is required to legally required to correct the purchase of real estate.
The next step will be the signing of the contract - Escritura Publica.This document is the official deed, it spelled out in detail all the conditions of registration of sale.For the preparation of this document takes time from one week to a month.If you can not personally attend the signing of Escritura, you can give the right to sign his lawyer or realtor.In signing the bill of sale will be required to transfer the remaining amount of money for the purchase of property, and right after that you will become full owner of the selected homes in Spain .