you need
  • - passport;
  • - money to buy a home.
Decide what area and where you want to buy an apartment .Choose your minimum and maximum possible option based on lifestyle and budget.
Contact the real estate agency.With the purchase of an apartment it will be much easier.The agent itself will pick you options, among which you will find the accommodation that is right for you.Also, the realtor will be able to give a rough estimate of the value of the apartment, necessary to you, depending on its location, the area of ​​the building.In this case, you may want to adjust their plans.
If you decide to buy an apartment yourself, first perform market monitoring.Examine the su
pply of apartments in your city.This will help a variety of Internet sites and newspapers with ads.
find enough money to buy an apartment.This can be done via savings, mortgages and various benefit programs.For complete information about banks offering mortgage services in Ryazan , you can through the city portal.On the situation you benefits you can find in the department of social protection in your area.
execute the contract of sale flats.To do this, you can take the help of a realtor or if you do purchase their own specially hired a lawyer.It is best to deal carried out with competent legal support.The contract should be specified not only the amount of the transaction, but the money and terms of payment, the date of departure the previous tenants, if you purchase second homes.To pay the money to the seller in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Register Rosreestra contract.In Ryazan this organization is at street right-Libidska, house 35. For the fact of registration of the transaction is required to pay a fee.There you will be able to obtain a certificate of ownership.