should start with the preparation of ad text.Specify in it all significant for the customer options apartments : city or a town, if not provided by default, area or street where it is located, number of rooms, yardage (total area, living room, kitchen), shared or separate toilet,especially planning (Khrushchev, improved, "Czech", etc.), number of floors (in which floor apartment, and how many of them all in the house), its condition (in need of repair (cosmetic or capital), made repairs (minor, major, euro), the presence of a landline and internet connection.
If possible, specify all significant additional parameters that can influence the price: distance from the vehicle, an elevator, intercom and combination lock,
a metal door, double-glazed windows,ease of transportation, proximity to infrastructure.
specify whether the desired price, you decide.In practice, its presence in the ad cuts obviously insolvent customers, though not all.
not forget to include your contact information.Phone necessarily need.If you can answer calls only during certain hours, stipulate this fact.Call after hours, of course, are all the same.So the best thing possible to have a separate SIM card, if necessary, to buy the easiest phone and include only those hours when you would like to respond to calls, and at other times to offer the caller to leave a message on the answering machine.Other contacts - for zhelaniyu.Esli do not want to communicate with stakeholders indicate that selling without them.Call will not care, but it will be easier to stop contact.
classified When ready, it's time to move on to his serve.
posted on the Internet usually requires registration on the website or forum, you would inform visitors about its proposal.As a rule, it is a simple text composed protsedura.Zaranee greatly save your time.Agree, edit it as standard a specific site if classified not meet his requirements (for example, exceeds the allowable amount) easier than writing each time anew.
Place an ad in the newspaper for free most often by filling out a special coupon cut from each issue and send it to the editor, or refer to the point of receiving ads.In the presence of newspaper site, it can be a form of submission of ads onlayn.Platnye may be taken directly to the editorial section receiving advertisements or by phone.All versions of the ad delivery and payment, you can explore in the newspaper or on its website.