The cheapest rooms can be found in remote areas of Moscow.It Novokosino, Zhulebino, Old Koshino, Butovo, etc.Cost per square meter are lower than in other districts of the capital.
Look for a house built in the seventies and eighties of the last century.Apartments there are small-sized, with a small kitchen, sometimes without balconies.All these factors affect the price reduction on the room.
Transport accessibility is highly valued.Therefore room far from the subway, on public transport or located in a house standing on one of the busiest highways - Highway Enthusiasts, Ryazan and the Volgograd prospectus - will cost much cheaper than the same, but on a free Kiev or Ostashkov highway, orfive minutes from the subway station.
fewer square meters in the room, the cheaper
it is.If you want to buy low-cost housing in Moscow, looking for the seven to ten-meter room with no balcony.
more influence on the price, how many rooms in the apartment.If this is a communal flat with a lot of neighbors, the cost per square meter there will not be too high.And if it is a room in the spacious dvushke, it will be expensive.
program of demolition, "Khrushchev" is still in effect.And rooms in these homes are sold very cheaply.The only disadvantage - you can not choose where you relocated.Yes, the need to provide housing in the same area where it was formerly.But in fact, provide the property in the most remote areas of Moscow, referring to the fact that the right not to build social housing.
For some time now the south and south-east of Moscow region has become a significant part of Moscow.While this is not much impact on pricing in the housing.But very soon the cost per square meter of the capital rate will reach there.Therefore, while you can buy a room there can be very cheap.The price of these two, and sometimes three times less than the property within the old borders of Moscow.