buy property you can own, but you can use the services of real estate agencies, or assistance of a lawyer.Engaging a specialist in real estate is welcome, but it should not allow to pass to the buyer control and responsibility on the shoulders of a stranger.The most common way to become the owner of his apartment - is to buy it.You can buy property in a newly built house, and can be built in 50 years ago, it all depends on the willingness of the buyer.It is the choice of the property, and will depend on the volume of documents required for the transaction of sale.
with apartments in a newly built house, is always a little easier, it is not necessary to collect a number of documents confirming the absence of debts, encumbrances, the legality of the sale.But w
e need to carefully examine the contract equity participation in the construction and building permits, gather information about the builder.The contract equity participation in the construction subject to state registration, as well as assignment of the contract to the contract equity participation in the construction.The only exception is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
purchasing an apartment in the "old" building, it is important to collect the most complete information about the purchased object.It should be at the landlord request of title and the right supporting documents on the property, these documents can be: a warrant for an apartment, the documents on the privatization of apartments, a certificate of membership in the inheritance, deed of gift, sale, equity in the building, a certificate of titleproperty.Do not hesitate to ask for help from the passport of family members, this document will help you understand how many people are registered in the apartment, who is the owner, reveal the presence of minor children.
extract from the Unified State Register of rights to the apartment to help sort out the ownership, restrictions and encumbrances to the apartment.Help from organizations providing public services, will give an idea of ​​the availability of municipal debt.Comparison of technical certificates (old and at the time of sale), will exclude no agreed redevelop the apartment.Legalize alterations difficult and expensive, and often simply not possible.If the seller is married, it is necessary written notarized consent of the spouse to sell the apartment.If you have registered minor children may require the consent of the guardianship authorities.
All documents submitted in good order, you can safely go to the deal, but remember that a sales contract is in writing and is subject to obligatory state registration.By the agreement signed by the act of reception and transmission facilities.At the time of signing of the contract is advisable to check whether the written prescription from the apartment all persons, especially minors.After registering at the hands of the buyer shall remain the contract of sale, certificate of ownership, the act of reception and transmission apartments, a receipt from the seller in obtaining funds.