In recent decades around Moscow were built many residential communities cottages.In many of them it is possible to buy a house.You can try to find an inexpensive option somewhere near Moscow.
cost of suburban real estate in the Moscow region is highly dependent on the location.And here it is important not only distance from Moscow, but also the direction.Some of them are considered more prestigious, some - less.Relatively inexpensive, but promising the house and land located in the direction Yegoryevsky, Simferopol, Kiev highway.As
k your Realtor or view ads on the Internet, look for options with unfinished houses of 2 million rubles.
At a distance of 35-90 km from the capital arranged cottage settlements economy class.Relatively inexpensive home can find in these places.If the location is not very good, or he will stand in a vacuum where there is no more trees will be built to the standard design, its price may be quite acceptable.
It is a real option - to buy a cheap house in the old residential low-rise buildings of one of the satellite cities of Moscow.Not yet old towns in the suburbs are built high-rise buildings, many of them managed to keep whole areas where the greenery are old wooden "Towers."Such an area may be located close to the center, but the area is more likely to resemble a deep province.
not reject outright cheap houses, located in the city suburbs.Ask for a map location of the site.Of course, you should be aware that a small price in this case means that there is a house on the site of the old buildings, to live out his last days.But it will be another 3-4 years to live until you build a new home in this beautiful place.