What affects repair

Firstly, not all potential buyers are willing to completely renovate a house immediately after purchase.This option is not acceptable for anyone buying an apartment together with the sale of the property (in most cases as possible to ensure that new housing to prepare to move their extremely limited);and for those who invested in the purchase of real estate all their savings, and even got into debt.In such cases, people prefer apartments, in which you can enter at once - and to make repairs to your taste gradually over several years.Would prefer to do without the repair work and those who buy an apartment to lease it.

Secondly, even when it comes to the most pragmatic buyers going for the "walls", the impression of the apartment

- even unconscious - will affect the way they want to stay on this option or prefer to look for another.And the impression is largely dependent on the "freshness" of repair: clean wallpaper nezatertyh floors and so on.

At the same time, long-term investments in pre-sale repairs can not be considered justified: the difference in price to the "renovated" and the same apartments in satisfactory condition at best equal to the cost of the repair order.

But light "cosmetics" can be fully justified: it will expand the number of potential buyers, allowing faster to sell the apartment, and, perhaps, a little more profitable.

What should be done before selling the apartment

Check all appliances water (pipes, taps, radiators).If there is a leak - it is necessary to remove them as well as their consequences.Clean rust spots, dark spots of mold and mildew treat with antiseptic solutions, dry and color.Visible problems with pipes - very serious "deterrent" factor.If you have ever filled in neighbors from above - stains on the ceiling must also be eliminated.

If redecorating carried out more than 3-4 years ago - it is better to update the wall-stick wallpaper or paint updating.This is especially important for the hall (this is where the first contact the buyer with the apartment, and it was here the walls are usually spoiled fastest).Wallpaper does not necessarily have to be of high quality and expensive - quite acceptable and budgetary paper.It is better to choose light neutral tones (beige, light gray, sand), without drawing a large bright - so the apartment is spacious and bright look.

If the flooring is very old (worn linoleum, faded trampled carpet, etc.) - it is better to update it.However, provided that this does not involve capital expenditures.But the replacement of old wooden skirting with modern inexpensive plastic in most cases can be very worthwhile.

that you should not include a pre-

repair Replacement of pipes, radiators and plumbing.It is an expensive operation, which takes a lot of time and effort, with almost no impact on the price of the apartment.Pipes and radiators can be simply how to wash, if necessary - to paint;if the bath in poor condition - update enamel coating;plumbing - clean out the dirt.

Replacement of old wooden windows and interior doors.The same situation: for sale apartments in the best return on investment, but probably not until the end.Better to just a little freshen up the paint.

change the old tile.In an extreme case, you can update the grout between the tiles - so even old tile will look much fresher and neater.

When planning repairs before selling the property can be guided by simple considerations of economic expediency."Step" in the price of the apartment is usually 50-100 thousand in the same range typically varies "bargaining" - the amount by which the buyer can "knock down" price.Since the purpose of decoration before the sale - not to raise the price of the apartment "to the sky", and expand the number of customers and to improve the appearance of the apartment, the cost of all repair operations must not exceed a single step.