Lagutenko Residence is located in the Moscow region on Novorizhskoe highway, about 25 km from Moscow.The declared cost of the house - $ 2.7 million. The plot 15 acres is located in Princes Lake.The property is a two-storey residential house twin, the total area of ​​each of which - 345 square meters.m, guest house, free-standing bath with a swimming pool.The residence has an underground garage for cars, laundry room, dressing room.The artist even built a mini-recording studio, which can be converted for the home theater.The area of ​​the entire complex - more than 1 sq. M.m.

In a press release published on the agency's website, and also indicate the reason for the sale of the residence, in which the author and the owner has put so much effort, imagin
ation and inspiration.Rock singer himself explains his intention planned move to the Far East.Returned to Moscow, let alone live there, he is not going.In Primorye, he's going to do the construction of the autonomous functioning of ecological house.By the way, and the residence in Moscow, too, was based on these principles.Now Lagutenko dreaming about a new home.However, the pursuit of eco-technologies are not quite cheap lesson, so rock musician requires a fairly large amount of money on a new home on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

agency quoted Ilya Lagutenko: "In my dreams, I always wanted to build a smart home, which would use only" eco-technology "sea, sun and wind, preferably in southern Primorye.I understand that in our country it is not a cheap experiment.But dreams do not scare me - once and the group "Mumiy Troll" not really complain for no sound in a familiar format. "

On tour schedule "unformatted" rock band vocalist decision will have no effect, because Vladivostok will soon open an international airport.This allows the musician to make the desired and fast trip not only in Russia but also abroad.