you need
  • passport with registration in Russia or Belarus, the money, the contract for the purchase of housing
primarily a good think over its decision to buy an apartment in Minsk - this is a very important step.It is also important to consider the possibilities, especially financial, despite the fact that real estate in Minsk much cheaper than in Moscow.
The easiest way - is to contact a real estate agency.It is better not to scrimp and choose an agency that exists in the real estate market for a long time.You can also ask around friends and acquaintances, they may advise you to trusted agent.
Once you have selected the agency, it is reasonable of you to call, transfer the call to the Secretary of the Realtor, the man who will lead your business to buy the apartment.A specific agent assigned to you before the end of the transaction.You negotiated with him the area plan, the price - all that you need, in some cases, customers fill out a special questionnaire, which can be assigned to all the details, right down to choosing a floor.Further, you are not required almost no gestures, perhaps look options proposed realtor and choose the right.The agency will issue you and prepare all the necessary documents, but be prepared to pay for their services.
If you feel unable to cope with the purchase of real estate in Minsk , then go for it!First decide the area, then choose a suitable option.This can be done via the Internet or the local newspaper.When you meet with the owner, make sure that he is who he claims to be.Ask him to show his identity card.Next, check whether the person who claims to be the owner, is not.Look at his papers on their own homes.After that stipulate the price, invite a lawyer and sign a contract.Do not forget that Russian citizens do not need any additional documents to buy an apartment in Belarus.After signing the contract and the transfer of money, you can move into your new home.