Tip 1: How to buy an apartment in Moscow without intermediaries

When buying a home people often turn to a specialized real estate agency.But you have to pay for their services, to the same level of professionalism of Realtors is not always satisfactory.Therefore, some people tend to buy an apartment without intermediaries .This is possible in any city, for example, in Moscow .
you need
  • - passport;
  • - money to buy a home;
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Find your desired option apartment in Moscow .This can be done through various newspaper free ads, as a broad theme and focusing on specific real estate.Many ads you can find in the newspaper "Hand in Hand" and other publications.
Use search ads on web sites.Initiates Moscow there are many, for example, www.mesto.ru and www.kvadroom.ru/ But most comprehensive database available on the website, Cyan - http://www.cian.ru/ The system site search should specify the desiredDistrict of Moscow and the Moscow region, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest of property, number of rooms, accessibi
lity of public transport.As a result, the search will give you plenty of options sorted by price, from cheap to expensive apartments.But note that in the system are placed different ads - from individuals, from construction companies, as well as from real estate agencies.Please note that by accessing the latest version you have to pay a commission to the agent, despite the fact that you yourself have found this apartment .If the present declaration provided false information, you may contact the direction of the resource, and remove it.
Visit selected apartment .If the purchase of second homes, be especially attentive to detail.For example, to find out.whether an overhaul of the building.For an old house it will be a plus.It is also desirable to see the neighbors and maybe even ask about what the situation there in the hallway, there are no problems with noise or with individual tenants.
conclude a contract for the sale of housing.At this stage, it is desirable to bring a lawyer to help in its drafting.In this case, the expert will not be a mediator and consultant, and his services will cost less than a realtor assistance.
Register Rosreestra contract.On his website you can find the address of receiving in the various administrative districts of Moscow - http://www.to77.rosreestr.ru/registr/rights_1/reg_graf/
Make cash settlement.It is best to make it with the transfer of money from the banking cell or wire transfer.This will ensure a secure transaction.

Tip 2: How to buy an apartment without intermediaries

Buying an apartment - it is very responsible.By paying a substantial amount per square meter, it is important to be sure that the transaction is authorized.To do this, check the availability of a complete set of documents to the apartment from the seller.And if you use the services of professionals from the real estate agency for some reason is not possible, it is best to find a lawyer that can deal with all the paperwork.
How to buy an apartment without intermediaries

intermediary in buying an apartment - who are they?

When selling apartments, many owners are turning to the services of agencies dealing with real estate transactions.They do it to get rid of the problem of finding the buyers themselves.Agency placed ads on the most popular sites on the portals with paid advertising in newspapers.In addition, the agents show the apartment to all interested in buying customer, draw the firm for help in finding and buying real estate.Therefore, managers of convenient services as the seller and the buyer.But with the cost of apartments is increasing due to the agency board.Usually it is three - ten per cent of the property value.And at current prices, housing is a very decent amount.

How to buy an apartment without the help of intermediaries

Buy an apartment, without resorting to the real estate agency, you can.The easiest situation is the primary housing.Apartments in new homes often sell themselves developers.Find their contacts is not difficult.Firstly, on site there is always a representative of the developer.He'll tell you who to contact to buy better square meters.Second, advertising the sale of apartments in the new house is often on TV, and you can find it online at specialized sites.There must be indicated the name of the company-builder.And even if her phone sounded in the commercial, it is easy to find on the Internet and contact the sales department.When you purchase it is necessary to check the documents to ensure that construction is carried out legally.It:

- investment contract;
- certificate of state registration of property rights;
- the decision of the authorities;
- Minutes preliminary distribution of apartments;
- a building permit.

In addition, between the seller and the buyer sign a contract of sale after signing the apartment which becomes the property of an individual.

Resellers - an apartment owned no legal and physical persons - can also be purchased without intermediaries.But to make it more difficult.We'll have to search for ads apartments from owners.Phoning the owners, checking documents of title to housing.Without legal education to make it quite difficult.Therefore it is better to pay a lawyer, who will check the availability of all the necessary paperwork and make sure that the apartment is not registered minor children, prisoners, etc.Those who may require termination of the contract of sale.