you need
  • - an application for state registration of rights to the object housing and related transactions (the form is issued in the territorial department of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation);
  • - a contract for the sale of the acquired property, signed by the seller and the buyer, in triplicate;
  • - documents of title to the purchased apartment, registered in a lawful manner;
  • - documents from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) - floor plan and
  • explication;
  • - an extended excerpt from the house register;
  • - a copy of the financial account of the acquired property;
  • - notarized consent of the spouse to buy or sell square meters.Provided the buyer and seller;
  • - originals and copies of passports of the seller and buyer;
  • - the act of transferring property, signed by both parties;
  • - receipt for payment of state duty (original and copy).
Before buying an apartment , determine what you want to have a house.In the center of Voronezh built enough houses with its own territory, designed for two to six families.And, of course, a huge selection of apartments in new buildings on the secondary market.Houses or Townhouses cost more square meters in apartment buildings.But you get more than just a place to stay, but also part of the land on which the building is located.
defined the apartment option, proceed to the choice of a real estate agency.In no case do not use the services of "one-day firms."Of course, the Commission is less.But the risk of being cheated so much more.Choosing a realtor, be sure to check out the statutory documents of the company.Does she have permission to carry out real estate transactions?How long does the organization exist?Ask the manager to phone customers who have already purchased a house with it.There is nothing better than oral recommendation satisfied customers.
After the conclusion of the contract, the agent will start the search for apartments.Speak clearly the necessary parameters, and to save his and his time.Name the number of rooms, area, year built, square, infrastructure, etc.
finding suitable accommodation, be sure to check documents.You will need a passport owner of the apartment and a certificate of ownership.Just ask for the rent for the last six months.This allows you to, first, make sure that there is no debt.And secondly, to know whether the prescribed per square meter of tenants.If these are present, before the transaction the owner shall remove them from registration.Otherwise, they have every right to live in an apartment that you have purchased.
After finding all the formalities with the package of documents, go to the body that carries out state registration of real estate transactions - the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation.In Voronezh it is located at the street Donbass, 2. Telephone: 7 (4732) 72-00-00.Voronezh region serviced offices, located at the address: ul.Plekhanov, house 53 A (stop "platform" Zastava "").Reference: +7 (4732) 77-20-03.The apartment will go into your property within a period of weeks to months, after checking the documentation of inspector.