you need
  • - Documents on the loan;
  • - a package of documents for the sale of the apartment;
  • - a new buyer;
  • - money to pay for different services (notaries, real estate agents, banks) and commissions.
to prepay the loan, you must find the funds.The ideal case is when your friends or acquaintances have sufficient amount of free money to lend you the required amount, and proceeds from the sale of property will be enough to pay off debt and to solve the housing problem, if sold only nedvizhimost.Pridetsya consider that along with the mainamount of debt the bank will have to pay accrued interest and various commissions and
penalties, if any.Some sanctions, for example, the penalty for early repayment may be returned through the courts, but this time, as an absolute guarantee no one will.
The most common way - the borrower informs the Bank of the deterioration of its financial situation and the parties find a compromise solution.The apartment is offered for sale, and a new buyer is laying the money in two depository cell: a sum of - the debt of the former owners of the bank, the credit institution is intended, the second - the difference between the debt and the proceeds of sale.The money owed to the seller apartment.After
bookmark bank money at the same time starts the procedure to remove the lien and registration of title to the new owner.
Another way - by agreement with the bank to sell the apartment available , to buy a more modest, and the difference in price to send to debt repayment.In this situation, lending institutions usually go to meet the borrower's solvency has deteriorated.However, the most severe phase of the crisis, property prices dropped significantly, and has exhibited for sale at the current price.So there are cases where after the sale of apartments people buy alternative accommodation could not, and the bank was still owed.
Theoretically it is possible to find a new buyer and renew a mortgage on it.In this case, he would have paid to the owner of the property the amount, which he has already paid the bank, and the rest is paid on the same schedule as the previous borrower.But in practice, banks are not going for this option due to the need to verify the new applicant for a mortgage.
There is another way in which the original is better not to get involved.It terminate its obligations under the mortgage and bring the case to court with the imposition of penalties on being in pledge apartment and its forced sale.But in this case, the borrower will have to pay court costs, fees related to the execution of the judgment, bank charges and fines, and credit history will be ruined once and for all.