you need
  • - a sales contract,
  • - cadastral passport,
  • - technical passport of the building,
Regardless of the issue price, the cost of, area and location of the site you purchased the basis for drawing up a package of documents to the list specified in the Civil and Land Codes of Russian.
main document that you will need when making the most of the sale is undoubtedly issued by the owner of a certificate attesting the right of its ownership of the sold land, and supporting cadastral plans, which are also necessary to require the seller long beforemost of the land transactions.Certificates may be replaced by similar documents "old-fashioned" or any of the provisions of the loca
l district administrations which are in the course and have legal validity.This list will reflect the character of the acquired land, whether the land selskohoznaznacheniya or some industrial facilities, as well as the conditions under which the rights of property previously moved to the former owner, this may be the inheritance, the right to use and the like.
After checking the above documents it is important to apply to the bodies of land management and geodesy with the existing at the hands of an extract from the cadastral plan, which according to the results of the "survey" of the object coordinate border sold the site to sign and certify the official record of all the owners of the neighboringland.
A few months after the initial treatment you will be given a cadastral plan, required for the transaction.In the presence on the site of a property should urgently order date the log structure, as well as a certificate of its appraised value, no arrests and debt on the land tax, if there is none, it is necessary to enlist the official document of the bodies of BTI, confirms this fact.
By notarized contract of sale, which is made in the registration office in the form of a simple need to make a formal consent of the spouse of the seller, which has no claims on the commission of such a transaction or official decisions of the guardianship.
After the purchase and sale transaction should order an extract from EGRIP and submit to the Registration Chamber "corrupt" the cadastral plan, the log structure and all of the above information and documents, which will be the basis for a long-awaited certificate of ownershipthe new owner of the land.