you need
  • - identification document;
  • - documents confirming the ownership of land on which the structure (for example, a contract of sale, inheritance certificate);
  • - Receipt of state duty for registration.
To register structure, prepare a declaration on the construction.Declaration Form to take the administration of the district in which the structure is located, or BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory).The document you have to make yourself.Fill in the form, specify the address, the name, the area of ​​the structure, purpose, year of construction, materials, cladding buildings, information about connecting to the network logistics, the number of cadastral passports for land.
Gather all required documents, pay the state fee in the amount of one
hundred rubles.
contact your local Registration Service, to which your land.Coordinates FRS find out by calling the local authorities (eg, village council).
The reception hours, hand over all the documents prepared in the local authority of registration service and ask that you were given a sample of the application for registration.Fill out an application form for registration of your proposed property.
Within thirty days after submitting the application and receiving the documents, the bodies of the Federal Registration Service will arrange the registration of ownership of the building.
At the end of the month, call your local registration and find out about the readiness certificate of ownership.Take testimony.