you need
  • passport, money, documents - the basis of the right of ownership, receipt on payment of state fees, cadastral passport.
1. The sales contract
1.1.Constitute a contract.They come in two types: the contract in the so-called "simple writing" and the title deed.
1.1.1.Russian legislation allows to make an agreement in the so-called "written form" (abbr. PPF), ie,You yourself can write the contract, without the services of specialists.But this is only in theory.In practice, such a contract in 99% of cases are registered, so it is still better to consult a real estate agency, where a specialist for a modest fee will contract PPF, but according to the rules.
1.1.2.Notary contract - a contract of sale of immovable property which is the notary.It is very different from the contr
act PPF.Notary contract printed on the letterhead of the strict reporting, one copy is kept in the archive of the notary.For it is necessary to provide a series of documents, which tend to have a limited shelf life.Price drawing again, above.And you need to register it in the same way as a contract in PPF.
1.2.Register the contract with the registering authority.Today, it is engaged in management Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.To do this, the seller and the buyer need to come together in the office and bring the following documents: passport;signed the contract;receipt of payment of registration fee with a copy;document on the basis of which the seller owns the apartment.
1.2.1.If the seller and / or buyer are married, you still need the notarial consent of the spouse to buy / sell the apartment with a copy.
1.3.Notaries a power of attorney - that if you or the other party can not appear for registration, instead of itself can send attorneys.
1.4.The payment is made.The procedure of cash payments in the transaction in each case is determined individually.This could be an agreement with the bank and transfer money through the banking cell, and can be a simple transfer after signing the contract before signing.Depending on the degree of confidence in each other parties.
2. The contract of donation
2.1.The procedure is absolutely the same as in the sale, but with the difference that is made the donation contract, the parties referred to as "the donor" and "donee", and there is no step of transmitting money.
3. Barter Agreement
3.1.Here your actions are the same as in the first paragraphs.But there is a difference.The contract will be called "barter", the parties to it simply as the "Parties", and its registration is a transition of ownership of the two objects - to put it simply, you exchange apartments.
3.2.There are cases when the exchange is not equivalent is called an "exchange surcharge".Then in the contract prescribe the amount of surcharges and define settlement procedure - by bank transfer or direct.
4. A court.For example, the division of marital property upon divorce.