Inexpensive plot in the city to buy is difficult.So if you have little money, then begin to consider options that are in the 10-20 km from the city.At the same time browse ads marked "urgent".Wanting to quickly sell the land, the people can make it a significant discount.
Rural areas are divided into the abandoned and long-term.The first are very cheap, but you are unlikely to conduct electricity, gas and water.Hence, land ownership is not suitable for living.But if portion is relatively close to the city, and already there is a project on the creation of the territory of cottage settlement (being electrification and other communications), such a plot of land belongs to the category of perspective.Of course, one can not exclude that the abandoned site can suddenl
y find themselves in the midst of a large-scale construction projects, but it is a matter of luck.
to make the right investment of money, look for a second type of sites.But how to determine whether the land in the area of ​​perspective?Firstly, the closer land to the city, the higher the probability that the gradual expansion of the land will be part of the administrative-territorial unit.Second, if there are nearby major recreational resources (rivers, creeks, lakes, mineral springs, and others.), Then the relevance of the earth - it is only a matter of time.
Guided by these principles, please read column "Real Estate" in all information resources (newspapers, magazines, the Internet, billboards on the street).Tell family, friends, the intention to buy a small plot of .If they appear willing to sell the land, the friends will tell you about the best deals.
When you collect enough information and begin to look different land ownership, be sure to bargain with the sellers.Most often, assigning the cost, they lay in her percentage of concessions, so try to bring down the price.Your main arguments can become clutter territory, the curvature of the section (tilt to one side), the distance from public transport.
final agreement on the price, proceed to the registration of the transaction.Several times re-read all the documents, check all the details.Try not to pay cash, and spending to pay by bank transfer.